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Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station

The site of the Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Project is located in Tangxing Village, Haiwei Town, Changjiang, Hainan. It uses the second-generation improved nuclear power technology, and uses Zhejiang Qinshan Nuclear Power Phase II project as a reference power station to construct two 650,000 kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power units.

The Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Project will further increase the localization ratio of the equipment on the basis of 70% of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Phase II expansion project, in order to consolidate the localization results of the second-generation improved nuclear power equipment and reduce manufacturing costs.

Li Jinying, director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of China National Nuclear Corporation, stated that the Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Project is actively carrying out feasibility studies. The project company will be established as soon as possible in accordance with the work objectives determined by the main work promotion plan before approval, and the land acquisition, four connections and one leveling, and negative excavation of the plant will be started , Long-term equipment ordering and staff recruitment, construction of production and living facilities. According to the plan, the Hainan nuclear power project will start construction at the end of 2009 and will be put into commercial operation at the end of 2014.


After the nuclear power plant is completed, it will effectively alleviate the tight power supply situation in Hainan, further optimize the energy structure, and provide support for local economic development and environmental protection. Nuclear power is a comprehensive high science and technology. During its design, construction, and operation, it will promote the economic development of that place, promote the development of local science and technology, and even make economic development such as industry and employment in the surrounding areas. Great contribution. Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station became a famous landscape after its completion. It is believed that Changjiang Nuclear Power Station will also promote the development of local tourism.

The company signed a contract for the supply of cooler heater equipment for DVC nuclear air handling units of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station.


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