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Yantian Port Branch Line of Jihe Expressway

The Jitian Expressway Yantian Port branch line has a total length of about 15.2 kilometers and a two-way six-lane road. It is the branch line of Shenzhen Jihe Expressway to Yantian Port. Yanpai Expressway starts from Yantian Port, passes through the Wutong Mountain Range through the tunnel to the northwest along Wutongshan Avenue, intersects with National Highway 205 and Shuiguan Expressway, and then crosses the ranking interchange with Jihe Expressway and the planned Dongguan Boshen Highway Pick up.

There are 2 tunnels along the line, with a total length of 2,355 meters. Among them, the Yantian Tunnel is an up-down split two-hole unidirectional driving tunnel. The left line of the tunnel is 1925 meters long and the right line is 1835 meters long. It is a control project of the Yantian Port branch line project of Jihe Expressway, a key project in Shenzhen. The Yanpai Expressway, one of the "Seven Horizontals and 13 Verticals" in Shenzhen, has been running through the entire line.

This is Shenzhen's first dedicated port for sparse ports, which will cover 90% of the sparse port traffic in Yantian Port. The Yanpai Expressway from Yantian Port to the north and the Boshen Expressway from the south is an important link in Shenzhen's realization of east-to-east transportation. It is an important port-opening channel in the eastern part of Shenzhen. As Shenzhen's first dedicated port for sparse ports, Yanpai Expressway will cover 90% of the sparse port traffic at Yantian Port. In the future, container trucks departing from Yantian Port can be evacuated quickly to the north, thereby realizing the transportation concept of container trucks “eastward in and eastward” in the eastern port area.

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