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Tunnels from Shenyang to Dandong Expressway

The Shendan Expressway is approximately 200 kilometers in length and is the main skeleton of the national “Five Verticals and Seven Horizontal” highways. The main section of the main road from Dandong to Lhasa National Highway. Construction started in December 1998 and was opened to traffic on August 26, 2002.

The Shenyang-Dandong Expressway is an important part of the national “Five-seven-seven-south” national highway—the Dandong-Lhasa highway, and an important section of the main skeleton of the “two-ring and five-shooting” highway in Liaoning Province. The construction of this highway will connect the national planned Dandong to Lhasa National Road trunk line in the northeast of the country, and connect Shenyang, Benxi, and Dandong. The development of mineral and tourism resources along the line will meet the economic development and people of Liaodong. Life needs are important.

The Shendan Expressway has 11 tunnels in Wujialing, Dayao, Zhangjia, Gusongling, Jinkeng, Tangling, Huangling, Fuling, Beijingzi, Douling and Nantianmen.

The company undertook the tunnel fan project of the tunnel ventilation system in the Shendan Expressway Tunnel Project.

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