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The Qingdao Metro Phase I (Line 3) line starts from Qingdao Station in Shinan District to the west, turns east along Guangxi Road, Taiping Road, Wendeng Road, Hong Kong Road, and turns into Nanjing Road to the May Fourth Square (City Hall). , Pass Jiangxi Road, Ningxia Road, West Liaoyang Road, and then enter Harbin Road, Heilongjiang Road, Wannianquan Road to Licun, westward along Jingkou Road, Zhenhua Road to the end of Qingdao North Station.

The total length of the line is 24.915km, all of which are underground lines, with 22 stations, divided into two bidding sections, each with 11 stations.

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The construction of the Qingdao Metro Phase I project (line 3) conforms to the development of Qingdao's urbanization process, guides the orderly expansion of the city's scale, alleviates problems such as land use, transportation, and the environment caused by population expansion, while improving the quality and image of the city . It will improve the function of urban roads, alleviate traffic tensions, solve the problem of people's travel difficulties, build urban arteries and improve the quality of travel.

The Qingdao Rail Transit Phase I project (line M3) is generally “west-east-north-west”. It is a north-south backbone line connecting the central part of Qingdao city. It will connect the city south district, city north district, Sifang district, Licang The four urban areas of the district are connected together. The establishment of a backbone passenger transportation system that meets the long-term development of the city, while reflecting the stability while having sufficient flexibility, is of great significance to the formation of Qingdao's multi-level transportation system and the overall healthy development of the city.
Our company provides large-scale axial fans and supporting control cabinets, 76 sets of jet fans and related services for the second tender section of the project.

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