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The first phase of Kunming's rail transit project consists of the first phase of Line 2 and the first and second phases of Line 1 in the network planning. The total length of the line is about 42Km, of which the elevated section is 11.5Km and the underground section is 29.6Km. There are 31 stations on the entire line, including 6 elevated stations and 25 underground stations. The average station distance is 1375.430m, the maximum station distance is 4526.710m (Xiaowangjiaying Station to Chenggong North Station), and the minimum station distance is 502.000m (Renmin Road). Station-Culture Palace Station).

The first phase of Kunming's rail transit project includes the first phase of Line 1 and Line 2. The construction of the project will greatly improve the traffic conditions in Kunming's downtown area, and will be conducive to the improvement of the overall traffic structure of Kunming, and will be conducive to urban transformation, development and development. It will have significant social, economic and environmental benefits. The implementation of Line 1 is to connect the main city of Kunming with the Chenggong New District, guide the population and functions of the main city to deconsolidate to the new district, and thus guide the transformation of urban space from a "single core" to a "multi-group" structure. Kunming Metro Lines 1 and 2 that run through the north and south may realize the full-scale trial operation. An artery that runs through the north and south of the city will bring new upgrades and changes to Kunming. After the subway is opened, the transportation time is relatively fixed, and the accessibility of new cities or districts in the city is improved, which makes it possible for large-scale dispersed migration of the population, and the city can truly enter a large-scale residential function migration as a guide and the urban function is widely dispersed. Times.

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