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Dalian Metro Line 2 is a backbone line running through the north-south and south-west directions of the west, starting from Nanguanling Station of the Harbin-Dalian Passenger Dedicated Line in the north, and reaching Haizhiyun Park in the east.

The line passes through North Planning Road, Houge Street, Zhangqian Road, Hongqi Road, Huanghe Road, Wuyi Road, Zhongshan Road, Renmin Road, and Planning Donggang Road at Nanguanling Passenger Station. Mainly through Nanguanling Comprehensive Transportation Hub, Sports Center, Houge Residential Area, Zhongge Residential Area, Qiange Residential Area, Xinzhaizi Residential Area, Hongqi Town Residential Area, Maran Square Cultural and Commercial Spot, Xi'an Road Commercial Street, Zhongshan Passenger distribution centers such as the square, Qingniwa Bridge, Harbour Square, Donggang District, Haizhiyun Park, etc.

The Dalian subway project has a total of 49 stations, 1 control center, 2 car depots, 1 parking lot, and 3 main substations. Among them, our company provided related equipment for the third bid of the project. The sites involved are: Jiaotong University, Normal University, Maran Square, Wanjia, Hongqi West Road, Nansong Road, Nanlin Road, Airport, Zhangqian Road, There are 16 stations in front leather, middle leather, leather town fort, rear leather, health center, sports center and Nanguanling town.

In this project, according to Dalian's location and climatic conditions, our company provides reversible high temperature resistant variable frequency axial fans to meet the requirements of Dalian subway engineering.

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The high temperature resistant US Tedson (KDS) brand motor supporting the fan is manufactured using "H-class insulation level, IP55 protection level, and TH moisture-proof level" technology. Meet the requirements of continuous operation at 250 ℃ for 1 hour, and can withstand the hazards caused by high temperature and humidity storage conditions. At the same time, our company's patented "conjugate symmetric airfoil blade" design is adopted, so that the wind turbine can obtain substantially equal performance of forward rotation and reverse rotation. The fan casing is formed with advanced integrated flange spinning and flanging technology to ensure the roundness of the casing, improve the rigidity of the main fan, reduce the gap between the impeller and the main fan to prevent internal leakage of airflow, and improve the flow capacity of the fan. effectiveness. This is a new process in the reform of the traditional process of the fan industry (air cylinder and flange are welded and then processed), and it is also a key technical problem to solve the axial flow fan to ensure a small and uniform gap.

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