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    The Guangzhou-Foshan Subway is the full name of the Pearl River Delta Intercity Rapid Rail Transit from Guangzhou to Foshan, and is the first intercity subway in China. 村。 It starts from Kuiqi Road in Foshan City, turns north and then crosses east through Chancheng District, passes through Nanhai District, enters Guangzhou, passes through Liwan District, and ends at Lizhu Village in Haizhu District . 32.16km 共设置21座车站,佛山市境内线路长14.797km,设11座车站,为魁奇路~南海汽车站;广州市境内线路长17. 363km,设10座车站,为龙溪~沥滘 The total length of the line is 32.16km , with a total of 21 stations. The length of the line in Foshan is 14.797km, with 11 stations, from Kuiqi Road to Nanhai Bus Station; the length of the line in Guangzhou, 17.363km, with 10 stations, is Long Xi ~ Liyu Station .
城际线网与各城市轨道线网有机衔接和建设的新开端,是发挥轨道交通规模效益和整体效益的需要。 The Guangzhou-Foshan Line is a new beginning that promotes the organic connection and construction of the Pearl River Delta Interurban Line Network with various urban rail line networks, and is required to bring the scale and overall benefits of rail transit into play. This line is the first subway route across China between two cities, and it is also the first subway route in Foshan. The opening of the Guangzhou-Foshan subway has further shortened the distance between Guangzhou and Foshan, marking the completion and operation of the first underground underground intercity rail transit line in the country and the first intercity rail transit line in the Pearl River Delta. Since then, the city has a subway, and has entered a new "subway era."
The company's technical personnel carried out a detailed and comprehensive calculation and analysis of the technical parameters of the project, and adopted the company's mature products NXT series products: NXT-17 (unidirectional axial flow fan), NXT-17R (positive and negative axial flow fan), NSL -R series of jet fans to meet user needs. At the same time, the "MGS Southern Fan Selection System" developed in cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University, the technical results of cooperation with Fläktwoods, and the actual test data of our company's simulated tunnel ventilation system are used to optimize the fan selection. It is preferred to use the same series of products to meet the technical requirements of users to reduce the types of fans. On the one hand, it is conducive to the installation, management and maintenance of subway fan equipment, reducing spare parts, and it is also conducive to the use of the same type of fans by various design institutes of the subway to meet the performance parameters required for fans in various sections, stations and other systems, reducing different types of fans The design disturbance brought to the design institute improves the practicability of the product and also simplifies the layout of the pipes of the underground ventilation and exhaust system.
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