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Chengdu Metro Line 1 is the first metro line in Chengdu, and it is China's first subway operation line co-constructed by road-land (the Ministry of Railways of China and the Chengdu Municipal People's Government). It is the first urban subway line to open and operate in central and western China. The line starts from Honghuayan Station on the south side of Dasha River in the north and ends at Convention and Exhibition Center Station in the south. The total length of the line is about 18.517km, the minimum station spacing is 0.805km, and the maximum station spacing is 2.623km.
Chengdu Metro Line 1 basically coincides with Chengdu Renmin Road and its extension on the north-south axis of Chengdu. It connects the important traffic nodes such as North Railway Station, South Railway Station, Tianfu Square, and the core business cities of Luoma, Skydiving Tower, and Tianfu New City. region.
This line is the central axis of Chengdu's business activities. Economically, the operation of this line has greatly enhanced the commercial value of surrounding properties. In terms of traffic operations, this line has formed a three-dimensional network of Chengdu traffic, which has a positive impact on Chengdu traffic. On the one hand, it diverts passenger flows, alleviates the phenomenon of traffic congestion in Chengdu, eases the pressure on Chengdu ground traffic, and enriches traffic routes. . On the other hand, the combination of underground and ground transportation has improved the convenience of transportation to a certain extent.
The tunnel fan, station heat exhaust fan, jet fan, smoke exhaust fan, return exhaust fan (also exhaust), and exhaust fan and services produced by our company are used in this project. For this project, the company formulated a RAMS system assurance plan. During the entire life cycle from product feasibility analysis and research to product scrap, establish a RAMS demonstration process for reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety, establish RAMS requirements through RAMS demonstration, and integrate RAMS parameters into requirements. In the process, it played a huge role in the normal operation of the line ventilation system.
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