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2 号线是天津市快速轨道交通网中的东西主干线,连接了天津市 西青、南开、和平、河北、河东、东丽等区,在西南角和地铁 1 号线形成方便、直接的换乘。 Tianjin Metro Line 2 is the east-west trunk line in Tianjin's rapid rail transit network, connecting Tianjin's Xiqing, Nankai, Heping, Hebei, Hedong, Dongli and other districts. It is conveniently and directly formed in the southwest corner and Metro Line 1 . Transfer. 1 号线、 3 号线共同构成市中心城区快速轨道交通线网的基本骨架。 Together with Metro Lines 1 and 3 , it forms the basic skeleton of the rapid urban rail transit network in the downtown area.

2 号线 经过天津站,有利于过往客流方便的进出市区,同时途经中心商务区、大型居住区和天津站、公交客运站、线延伸至津滨海国际机场等大的客流集散点,有利于旅客的集散。 The Tianjin Metro Line 2 passes the Tianjin Station, which is convenient for passing passengers in and out of the urban area. At the same time, it passes through the central business district, large residential areas and Tianjin Station, bus passenger stations, and the line extends to large passenger distribution points such as Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Conducive to the distribution of passengers.

2 号线全长 26.26 公里,其中高架线 11.325 公里,过渡段及地面线 1.56 公里,地下线 13.375 公里。 The total length of Metro Line 2 is 26.26 kilometers, of which 11.325 kilometers are elevated lines , 1.56 kilometers are transitional and ground lines , and 13.375 kilometers are underground lines . 20 座车站,其中高架站 8 座、地下站 11 座、预留站(地面站) 1 座。 There are 20 stations on the whole line , including 8 elevated stations, 11 underground stations , and 1 reserved station (ground station) .

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According to the characteristics of local natural environmental factors and the conditions of business and residential areas in the subway route, our company selects high-temperature resistant axial flow fans in station sections and public areas of the station to undertake the exhaust of half a station and reduce the impact of train heat on the station section. . At the same time, it works in conjunction with the combined air-conditioning unit, which operates at a low frequency during air conditioning and ventilation, which saves energy and saves electricity. A reversible high-temperature jet fan is installed in the tunnel section. When the train runs normally, the fan does not operate. When the train is blocked or fired in the relevant section Under the working conditions, it can cooperate with the tunnel high-temperature resistant axial fan to ventilate the area, eliminate smoke, and realize the safe evacuation of personnel.

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