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RWIS road anti-icing system

Foshan Nanfang Leiteke Nengjing Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested and set up by Nanfang Fan Co., Ltd. and South Korea Riteco. The company was founded in November 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 20 million, of which Southern Fan Co., Ltd. contributed RMB 10.8 million, accounting for 51%; South Korea's RITCO (Ritco) Co. Contributed in the form of combination, accounting for 49%. The company's main business is research and development, design, manufacture and sales of electrostatic dust removal equipment (ESP) related to PM2.5 air quality control, as well as design, manufacture and sales of related RWIS pavement anti-icing systems for the Chinese market and provide corresponding services.


The anti-icing system of highway pavement (Anti-icing system) is a system that adopts intelligent control and sprays snow-removing agent to achieve the effect of removing snow and ice on the road according to the pavement conditions of winter roads. It is mainly applicable to tunnel exits, mountain shades, downhills, and bridge decks. It is an effective solution to road accidents caused by snow and icing on winter roads. The system is composed of seven parts: intelligent control system, RWIS (Pavement Weather Information Collection System), pavement sensor, heat mapping system, pump, snow removal agent storage room and spraying device. Collect all external environmental information (including air temperature, humidity, rainfall, snow, fog, highway temporary pavement conditions, tank level, freeze alarm, etc.) through RWIS, pavement sensors, and thermal mapping systems, and issue freeze alarm signals based on predicted freezing points , Intelligent control automatically or manually turns on the spray system. The system is accurate in detecting external environmental data, sensitive in response, and effective in removing snow. The snow removing agent is environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable.


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