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development path

年,公司创立,承接风机加工业务,家庭作坊生产模式 In 1988 , the company was founded to undertake fan processing business and family workshop production mode

年,公司走上自主设计和生产风机的道路 In 1990 , the company embarked on the road of independent design and production of fans

年,公司占领南海铝业风机市场 In 1993 , the company occupied the Nanhai aluminum fan market

年,进军地铁、核电、隧道等高端领域 In 1998 , it entered high-end fields such as subway, nuclear power, and tunnels.

年,公司承接了广州地铁二号线首期工程,开始进入地铁领域。 In 2000 , the company undertook the first phase of Guangzhou Metro Line 2 and began to enter the subway field.

年,公司获得科技型中小企业技术创新基金奖励项目,成功研制出适用于地铁项目的直燃式高温消防排烟轴流风机,该产品荣获“国家重点新产品”的称号。 In 2000 , the company won the award project of technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, and successfully developed a direct-fired high-temperature fire-fume exhaust axial fan suitable for subway projects.

年,公司检测实验室通过了中国实验室国家认可委员会评定,获准颁发实验室认可证书。 In 2002 , the company's testing laboratory passed the assessment of the China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee and was approved to issue a laboratory accreditation certificate.

年,公司空气动力性能检测实验室获得中国合格评定国家认可委员会实验室认可证书,是行业内具有该资质的三家国家级实验室之一。 In 2005 , the company's aerodynamic performance testing laboratory obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. It is one of the three national laboratories with this qualification in the industry.

年,公司获得了国内首个自主设计、自主建设百万千瓦级压水堆核电站——岭澳核电站二期工程核岛暖通空调系统设备总承包合同 In 2006 , the company won the first domestic independent design and construction of a million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant-Lingao Nuclear Power Plant Phase II nuclear island HVAC system equipment contract

年,公司自主研发的大型动叶可调机翼型风机成功应用于世界双向最长的公路隧道——秦岭终南山隧道 In 2006 , the company's independently developed large moving blade adjustable airfoil fan was successfully applied to the longest two-way highway tunnel in the world-Qinling Zhongnanshan Tunnel

10 30 日,南风股份作为首批创业板企业之一登陆深圳证券交易所创业板,正式跻身中国证券市场。 On October 30 , 2009, as one of the first batch of GEM companies, Nanfeng Co., Ltd. landed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and officially entered the Chinese securities market.

300004 Stock abbreviation: Nanfeng shares; stock code: 300004

年,公司率先在行业内获得中国核安全局颁发的核级风机和核级风阀产品的设计和制造许可证 In 2009 , the company took the lead in obtaining the design and manufacturing license for nuclear-grade fans and nuclear-grade air valve products issued by the China Nuclear Safety Administration in the industry.

年,公司被评为连续四年佛山市守合同重信用企业 In 2009 , the company was rated as the Foshan City Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise for four consecutive years

年,公司获得了全国首个第三代 EPR 技术广东台山核电站核岛暖通空调系统详细设计和设备供货合同。 In 2010 , the company won the country's first third-generation EPR technology Guangdong Taishan Nuclear Power Plant nuclear island HVAC system detailed design and equipment supply contract.

年,公司连续 7 年被评为广东省守合同重信用企业 From 2005 to 2011 , the company was rated as a contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise in Guangdong for 7 consecutive years

年,公司顺利通过高新技术企业复审 In 2011 , the company successfully passed the review of high-tech enterprises

年,公司技术中心被认定为广东省级企业技术中心 In 2011 , the company's technology center was identified as the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

年,公司研制的“百万千万压水堆核岛核级通风空调系统成套设备项目”获得了“中国核能协会科学技术三等奖” In 2011 , the “Complete Equipment Project of Million and Million Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Island Nuclear-level Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Project” won the “China Nuclear Energy Association Science and Technology Third Prize”

年,公司“ EPR 第三代核电站核岛通风与空气处理系统设备国产化项目”被列入国家高技术研究发展计划( 863 计划) In 2012 , the company's " EPR third-generation nuclear power plant nuclear island ventilation and air treatment system equipment domestication project" was included in the national high-tech research and development plan ( 863 plan)

年,控股子公司南方增材科技有限公司承办了重型金属 3D 打印技术,该项技术是国际首创的高性能、短流程、低成本大型金属构件电熔精密成型新技术 In 2012 , Nanfang Additive Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, contracted 3D printing technology for heavy metals . This technology is the world's first new high-performance, short-process, low-cost large-scale metal fusion electroforming precision technology

年,公司被认定为国家火炬计划重点高新技术企业、广东省战略性新兴产业骨干企业 In 2013 , the company was identified as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan and a strategic emerging industry backbone enterprise in Guangdong Province.  

年,公司 DVC 核级空气处理机组被评为国家重点新产品 In 2013 , the company's DVC nuclear-grade air treatment unit was rated as a national key new product  

年,公司被认定为中核集团合格供应商 In 2013 , the company was identified as a qualified supplier of CNNC  

年,设立合资公司佛山市南方丽特克能净科技有限公司,生产、研发 PM2.5 空气质量控制的静电除尘设备( ESP )和 RWIS 路面防冰系统。 In 2013 , a joint venture Foshan Nanfang Liteke Nengjing Technology Co., Ltd. was established to produce and develop PM2.5 air quality control electrostatic precipitator ( ESP ) and RWIS road ice protection system.  

年,公司被评为南海优秀民营企业 In 2013 , the company was rated as an excellent private enterprise in Nanhai  

年,公司被认定为中广核工程有限公司 2013 年度 A 级设备合同供应商 In 2014 , the company was identified as the 2013 Grade A Equipment Contract Supplier of CGNPC Engineering Co., Ltd.  

年,公司被认定为广东省工程技术研究中心 In 2014 , the company was identified as Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center  

年,公司通过高新技术企业重新认定 In 2014 , the company re-identified through high-tech enterprises  

年,公司被认定为北斗星企业 In 2014 , the company was identified as a Big Dipper Enterprise

年,收购中兴能源装备有限公司,深挖核电领域市场,实现向高端能源装备制造业其他子领域的跨越。 In 2014 , it acquired ZTE Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. to deepen the nuclear power market and achieve a leap into other sub-fields of high-end energy equipment manufacturing.

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